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Two students SUE SHIPPING GIANT MAERSK, alleging sexual assault and harassment

Read the full article by Blake Ellis and Melanie Hicken HERE.


What is the problem with these female students?

Don’t they know it’s all their fault? 

Boys will be boys.

Real men, especially real military men, are aggressive and dominant, and they are meant to score with the ladies.

Women, all women, are passive and submissive, but don’t be cold, baby. And don’t dress like a slut, especially when I’ve been drinking, and not expect to be hit on. 

Really, the problem is they need to learn how to avoid being raped. 

It’s not that our law enforcement, legal, and educational systems have nurtured a rape culture where women are allowed to be used and discarded like garbage. 

It’s not that parents rarely discuss with their kids healthy sexual habits and expectations. 

It’s not that men embrace, and fight to hold, the power they have within the cave-man/cave woman societal dynamic that persists today.

It’s not that some guys can be complete scumbag pieces of shit.

Obviously, women need to get their shit together and stop blaming men for being men.