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Old and Grey, but Worth a Read Today.





The Close School of Entrepreneurial Leadership at Drexel University

With Donna DeCarolis, Founding Dean, Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship, Drexel University


The GRE vs. grit: The changing face of graduate school admissions

With Keivan Stassun, Director at Vanderbilt Initiative in Data-intensive Astrophysics (VIDA), Co-Director at Fisk-Vanderbilt Masters-to-PhD Bridge Program, Professor of Physics & Astronomy, Vanderbilt University


Ustvarjalnik: Building brighter futures for EU high school students

With Matija Goljar, Founder, Ustvarjalnik


Simulation-based engineering science: The physics of Frozen

With Zhen Chen, C.W. LaPierre Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering, Missouri University


Teaching the unknown: The key responsibilities of music business programs

With Peter Alhadeff, Professor of Music Business/Music Management, Berklee College of Music


Unscripted reality: Using competition-based television as a teaching tool

With Leigh Ann Danzey-Bussell, Assistant Professor of Sport Management, University of West Georgia


Facebook is making money by fucking with your emotions

With Karl Volkman, Founder, Chief Technology Officer of SRV Network (Now Triforma Tech)


The emerging frontier of indie video games

With Gregory Avery-Weir, Co-Founder of Future Proof Games


Working together: Melissa Avery-Weir of Future Proof Games

With Melissa Avery-Weir, Co-Founder of Future Proof Games


The realities of making independent games: Checking in with Future Proof Games

With Gregory Avery-Weir, Co-Founder of Future Proof Games


Future Proof Games update

With Gregory Avery-Weir and Melissa Avery-Weir, Co-Founders of Future Proof Games


Vatican City Vinyl: Maintaining the unholy home of rock ‘n roll records

With Katelyn Booth and Christian Downing, Co-Owners, Vatican City Vinyl Records


Testing “Music 2.0”: building an international network of student-run music companies to assess new music business models

With Guy Morrow, Senior Lecturer In Arts And Cultural Management Culture and Communication, The University of Melbourne