We’ve spent the last 15 years interviewing some of the most innovative and successful professionals across a wide range of fields. We have also interviewed some of the most mundane failures in business as well. Through this process, we have learned countless distinctions between learning and education. If you are looking for fun and light-hearted infotainment, then you need to go someplace else. Our podcasts often require multiple replays, additional independent research and uncomfortable personal reflection. We have thousands of hours of content, and we are creating more every day. However, we release only a handful of pieces at a time to make things a bit easier to digest. Click on the field headings to the right to open its series’ current menu, but, keep in mind that we are not for everyone. Some may find us too heavy, even profane. If you do, there are plenty of milquetoast podcasts available for you to occupy your time. For those of you with a true passion for life-long learning, you should feel right at home; a home where our neighbors are constantly calling the cops on us, but home nonetheless. Use us anytime, but cite us every time you do. Purdue OWL Electronic Sources Reference Lists: APA Citation MLA Citation