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The next generation of school shooters grew up doing active-shooter drills — AND KNOW HOW TO GET AROUND THEM , experts say

By Sophia Ankel

The next generation of school shooters are so young they grew up doing active-shooter drills — and therefore know how to get around them, experts told Insider.

These drills, which are currently implemented in around¬†95% of America’s public schools, are meant to prepare staff and students in the event of an armed intruder or active shooter on campus.

They range from training students and staff to barricade classroom doors and hide in the corner, to high-intensity simulations with actors pretending to be gunmen and shooting at teachers with plastic pellets.

But experts told Insider that the drills are ineffective because most school shooters are either former or current students who are already aware of the schools’ safety protocols.

“They already know how the drills work, and they know exactly what students are going to do in this situation,” Peren Tiemann, an activist for Students Demand Action, told Insider. “We don’t need repetitive traumatic training in order to tell us to lock our classroom doors and stay inside.”

Arnulfo Reyes, a teacher who survived the February 24 Uvalde school shooting told “Good Morning America” that active-shooter training¬†set the children up “like ducks.”

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Contrary to Betsy DeVos’ puke-inducing new book (for fuck’s sake DON’T buy it) our kids are often literal hostages of their own classmates.

But let’s try to see a bright side to all of this insanity.

We are proving that we can effectively teach our kids new skills, even if they are domestic terrorism and mass murder.