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Author: Jason Free

EDUCATION DEPARTMENT APPROVES $3.9 BILLION GROUP DISCHARGE for 208,000 borrowers who attended ITT Technical Institute

Read the full press release from the Department of Education HERE.

This move tries to create the illusion that the system can work in preventing life-long hardships for students.

What really makes ITT any different than Harvard, or Georgetown, or Arizona State, or Billy Bob’s Barber College?

It’s just PR bullshit.

Matt Gaetz: Women who ‘look like a thumb’ SHOULDN’T GRIPE ABOUT ABORTION RIGHTS

Read the full article by Mary Papenfuss HERE.


In a just universe:

Gaetz is given a huge amount of LSD and thrown in a pit.

In the pit, a gate opens and a large shrewdness of apes, also completely blasted out of their skulls on acid, slowly approaches Gaetz.

He rolls on the ground, grunting and spiting, as his eyes and ears are lost in an avalanche of bright geometric shapes and distorted howls.

The alpha-male presents Gaetz’s face to every male family member to shove their cocks as deep as possible down his throat.

They grab each side of his head, and jackhammer his skull in fast, sharp bursts. His dislocated jaw flaps with each thrust.  

They all get their turn. 

After each ape has their one-on-one time, the entire group converges on Gaetz to pull, twist, slap, punch, and fuck his body while his mouth is filled and refilled. 

Every orifice ripped, torn, pummeled, stretched, distended, and steaming.

Screams of agony and ecstasy blend together and wash over the bodies writhing in the dark.   

Hour after hour, the apes continue to enjoy his body, but the acid wears off and they begin to winddown.

At the end of the rutting, Gaetz is face-down and catatonic, covered in blood, sweat, mucus, and ejaculate.

Younger apes fight over his mutilated genitals, tear off and eat his ears, fingers, and toes.

The older apes nap peacefully. 

This imitate encounter is live-streamed to the American public.

Every single day. 

Exactly the same.

Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

For eternity. 

In a just universe.