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Is Brown v. Board of Education SAFE?

Read the full article by Jessica Washington HERE.


Why are our schools still segregated today, America?

Because we use bumper sticker to vocalize our opinions.

We yell at our televisions.

Argue with our neighbors, and our kid’s teachers.

Maybe protest one afternoon.

Go vote. 

We think that ought to take care of everything, but anyone with half a brain can see it’s done nothing to keep our rights intact.¬†

(The notion that any of our rights are ever safe is adorable.) 

While Justice Thomas is a piece of shit, he, and the Supreme Court, aren’t the reasons we are drifting backwards as a country.¬†

The fault is within our own disdain for women, people of color, the poor, and those with the “wrong” sexual orientation.

The majority of our country hates them all and they aren’t ever going to stick out their necks to make someone else’s live any better.¬†

Prove us wrong.