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Ivy league VS community college: Which education is better?

At what point do we stop kidding ourselves?

Having this debate is just playing into the hands of Big Education and each option comes from the same factory designer.

Today, the outputs of Big Brand education and Generic Brand education are essentially the same: 20th-century pedagogy, student conformity, and arrested development for our country (at best).

We are being trained, not educated.

We are cogs, not people seeking to better their lives, and those around them.

Harvard is no different from Middle Tennessee State.

Bristol County Community College is no different from Stanford.

They are all factories using its workers/students for their own self-interests.

You will be quickly replaced and forgotten.

Forgotten, except your loan debt will never stop following you, and you will have a life-long struggle trying to use their antique education to work successfully within an ever-changing modern world.

Good luck with all that, no matter which factory brand you attend.