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Hasan Minhaj CALLS OUT CONGRESS over student loans: ‘You paid far less for your degrees’

Calling out elected officials for being overly privileged dinosaurs, to their faces, on national television, and viewed on YouTube over 1 million times.

We have goosebumps.

Please. Please. Please.

Kids do this. Record it. Post it.

Please. Please. Please.

Go face-to-face with the assholes controlling your lives, look them straight in the eyes, and let them know they are just narrow-minded, hypocritical, overly-entitled pieces of shit who happen to be in a position of power.

Kinda like an abusive parent doing everything they can do to keep their kids from having a better, easier life than them.

The only self-respecting thing to do with these assholes is to literally, or at least figuratively, spit in their fucking smug faces EVERY chance you get.