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Talk boring to me with W. KAMAU BELL: Public education

This approach reminds us of the bake sales schools have in order to make up for a lack of funding.

They feed us amazing, sugary sweets, but they generate a fraction of a fraction of the money needed to make sure our students and teachers have the resources needed for a quality education.

Like we always ask, who benefits the most from a well-educated population?

Our never-changing answer: Business.

Business ought to pay an overwhelming majority, if not 100%, of our entire educational system.

Why would they not want to make this level of investment in its future workforce?

Why wouldn’t the government, at all levels, provide colossal tax breaks to encourage business to fund education, at all levels?

Because that would be weird.

Fucking communist, is what it would be.

I mean, shit, think about it.

Corporations in the U.S. made around $2 trillion in profits last year.

The President requested $64 billion for education in the 2020 national budget.

We know $64 billion is less than 3.5% of the profits companies earned from its “educated” workforce, and they could give 10% and wouldn’t really feel any pain.

We know the $64 billion slated for education could be shifted to assist another area of need, like mental health (NIMH 2020 Budget $41 billion).

But all that pinko shit ain’t happen’n.

We’re going keep things just the way they are, fuck you very much.