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From school boards to statehouses, conservative Moms for Liberty PUSH TO GROW INFLUENCE

By James Oliphant

Last month, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds surrounded herself with members of the conservative parents-rights group Moms for Liberty when she signed a bill that outlawed transgender students from playing girls’ sports.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis invited a member of the group to stand alongside him weeks later as he signed a bill that allows parents more say in public school teaching materials.

Just over a year ago, Moms for Liberty formed with a few parents upset over their school districts’ COVID-19 mask mandates and raced-based equity initiatives. The group has since grown in size and influence, capturing the attention of Republican officials who recognize it has become a fulcrum for culture war issues that dovetail with education.

Moms for Liberty says it now has 80,000 members in 34 states, figures Reuters could not independently verify. Its leaders are looking to move beyond local school-board tussles and become a force in bigger political battles.

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