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A US college is shutting down for good following a RANSOMWARE ATTACK

Read the full article by Kris Holt HERE.


Just imagine every academic institution being hit with a ransomware attack.

Or, just imagine your school being hit.

What if it wasn’t just a monkey wrench that jammed up workflows and deleted data?

What if the personal information of you school’s officials was taken?

Actually, what if your school was only led to believe (somehow) that it was attacked (but, it actually wasn’t) and personal information of your officials was being “held” for ransom until a drastic change in its policies and practices are made?

Just imagine.

What would it take to convince your dumbass school officials that cyber-boogie men held their social security numbers?

Do you imagine they would loss their shit and do whatever it took to make the bad men go away?

And, just imagine, someone wouldn’t even need to know how to launch a cyber attack to get this result, right?

You’d just have to figure out how to make your officials think they were attacked.


Just imagine.