Shomer-Tec Schlage Killer Key



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About 90% of the locks used in the USA use one of two key styles – Schlage or Kwikset. This item works on Schlage locks that are very common. (You can find a killer key for any Kwikset lock on Amazon as well.)


A killer key can instantly and permanently disable a lock. Once inserted into a lock it cannot be removed, making it impossible to unlock the door. The door can still be opened from the inside, so no one can be locked in, only locked out. The only way in is to drill the lock.


Simple to deploy – just insert into the keyway and then push sideways on the bow which will easily break off.


You should never place a key killer in the lock of any office, classroom, or home of any instructor, administrator, or campus staff member.


You should never place a key killer in the lock of any campus buildings, especially libraries, administrative offices, dormitories, or athletic facilities.


Anyone planning a sit-in or occupying campus buildings should never consider using key killers in any way.


You should never have multiple people coordinate the strategic placement of key killers among several places on campus or to synchronized in their implementation at the height of student traffic.


Never organize a group of students to create such “key killer campaigns” on your campus.


Such actions could cause tremendous disruption and delays in academic activities.