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SixFinger Learning (SFL) is built upon a mission to assist in eradicating from education:

  • gun violence;
  • sexual assault;
  • racial, sexual and gender discrimination;
  • excessive student debt;
  • antiquated education; and
  • limitations of free speech.

SFL is led by Jason Free, M.A., M.Ed and his 25 years as a lazy student, 15 years as an innovative teacher, and too many years as an unhappy, over-achieving working drone.

During that time, he’s learned a lot of ways to cause problems for organizations and their leaders. Often, he is such a pain in the ass that old rules and processes are changed and improved.

SFL is the online platform for his past work and his current efforts teaching how to make meaningful changes to our educational system through non-violent, civil disobedience.

“Change shit or shit will change you.”

– Old and grey, but worth the read today.