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@SixFingerLearn - a philosophy, resource and working space for students in and out of school. #DemandMore

Semester Announcements

  • New merch bundles available
  • Podcasts return the pre-occupation with points, a history of the blues, learning outside academics and more
  • Invitation-only learning platform for students, artists, edcuators and industry experts: Registration information coming soon

Extramural activities

Online Creative Collaboration (OCC) - Work with students, artists and business leaders around the world via our LMS. More information regarding these projects will be available in February, 2017.

To learn more about SFL, send us an e-mail: contact.us@sixfingerlearning.com

Learning vs Education
Academic curricula vs professional requirements
High school diploma = attendance certificate
Undergraduate/graduate degree = large student loans, but limited long-term employment opportunities