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Semester Announcements

  • Fall semester begins Sept. 8
  • New merch bundles available
  • Podcasts return the pre-occupation with points, a history of the blues, learning outside academics and more
  • Invitation-only learning platform for students, artists, edcuators and industry experts: Registration information coming soon

Extramural activities

Online Creative Collaboration (OCC) - Work with students and artists around the world via our LMS. More information regarding these projects will be available in February, 2017.

To learn more about SFL, send us an e-mail: contact.us@sixfingerlearning.com

Learning vs Education
Curriculum vs Career
Present Academics vs Future Knowledge/Skills Needed
What are the Job Titles of the next generation?
PK/12 + undergraduate = ?
Student loans, limited long-term employment opportunities #FTS