Writing career takes former Point Park student on adventures

By Regina Givi Whether it was covering a ghost hunting story, hanging with A-list celebrities, or informing people where their tax money was going, it is safe to say that Cody McDevitt, 29, has paved the road for himself for a successful career in the journalism world. McDevitt has traveled far and wide for his passion of writing, from New York City to Idaho, and a few places in between. One of his stops was at Point Park, where he earned a master’s degree in 2012 from the School of Communication, which he credits today. “Without the skills that I learned while at Point Park, such as Web Publishing, Video Production, and news writing courses…I would not have grown into the writer than I am today,” McDevitt said. McDevitt attended Peter’s Township High School. He began to realize his love for writing, but during this time, he had other interests, as well, including firing potatoes out of spud guns and doing donuts in the parking lot. Although McDevitt embraced his teenage “wild side,” he also managed to learn a thing or two in English class that initially peaked his interest in writing. He began to enjoy and appreciate the works of famous authors, including Shakespeare, Socrates, and his personal favorite, Stephen King. “I saw the power of the English language and what you can do with it…putting people in tears, or inspiring them,” McDevitt recalled while reflecting back on his high school years. After graduating from high school, McDevitt enrolled in the University of Colorado as a journalism major. He decided to go there because it was a great school with a beautiful campus. Also, the fact that he has a life-long love of skiing made his decision to attend a school at the foot of the Rocky Mountains quite simple. Read the full article here: http://www.pointparkglobe.com/features/writing-career-takes-former-point-park-student-on-adventures-1.3164603

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