Will Apple Play Nice On The Internet Of Things?

By Roger Kay Rumors are flying with some vehemence that Apple will introduce smart home technology at its Worldwide Developer Conference June 2. While Apple fans and investors have been hoping for something to punch up the brand for years now (pretty much since a couple of years after the iPad introduction, which would be about 2012), this latest foray may not be the thing. The reason is that Apple does not play well with others, a well-documented behavior. It has been known to turn on partners as diverse as Adobe, Logitech, and Google when its interests diverged from theirs. Even now and without Steve Jobs, who instituted the philosophy, Apple is working to cut Samsung’s share of component supply and edge Intel out as Mac processor vendor. This modus operandi is not a character flaw. It’s driven by a view that integrated systems work better. The fewer the chefs in the kitchen, the better the soup. This guiding principle is what makes the iPhone and iPad such perfect devices. Apple controls the entire user experience. App vendors must pass through a gauntlet to get in the App Store, ensuring uniform quality. Apple bird-dogs its manufacturers in China and Taiwan like no other American brand, watching over their shoulders to ensure that its specifications are met on every device. And that’s why they’re so good. But the Internet of Things is going to be a necessarily collaborative effort. No one company is going to own it all, not Google, which has staked a claim with its Nest thermostat, not Cisco, which has been touting its own version, calling it the Internet of Everything, not Whirlpool, which has been showing smart appliances for a couple of years already. And not Apple. Read the full article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/rogerkay/2014/05/27/will-apple-play-nice-on-the-internet-of-things/

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