Warped Tour creator speaks

By Aileen Pollock Kevin Lyman, the creator and producer of Warped Tour and a Cal Poly Pomona alumnus, returned to campus Thursday to talk to students about his experiences in the music industry, the business of Warped Tour, and life on the road. The presentation was held in the Music Recital Hall, with Lyman sitting alone onstage. The intimacy of the small theatre allowed him to engage with the crowd of CPP students and non-students who had heard about the lecture through social media. Stephanie Harchenko, a Cal State University Fullerton student and Alexa Medrano, a Cypress College student, both heard of the lecture through Twitter and decided he was worth the drive. Lyman graduated from CPP in 1984 with a degree in Recreation Administration, something he told students he did not think would lead to “the greatest job in the world.” He first intended to be an educator, but started going to music shows in Los Angeles and discovered he loved live music. He soon began organizing shows on-campus for bands that needed a place to play. The crowd laughed when he said students used to mosh in the student center. He later became involved in the L.A. punk rock scene, making important connections, which he later used to get Warped Tour going. Lyman hoped that students would find his story helpful. He told students that working hard now and taking things seriously will allow them to have more fun in the future. “Get involved early. Do as much as you possibly can while you’re in college,” said Lyman. “Get as many experiences as you can.” Read the full article here: http://www.thepolypost.com/lifestyle/warped-tour-creator-speaks/article_b6a35ecc-e5be-11e3-9b38-001a4bcf6878.html

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