UM Professor takes on Breaking Bad’s value, popularity

By Joe Zimmerman Although the Department of Resident Life’s “Pathways to Success” series usually focuses on topics such as writing successfully and dealing with exam anxiety, last night, it instead highlighted a meth-making kingpin. In an event called “Breaking Bad Confidential,” university professional writing professor Kelly Cresap spoke to a small group of students, faculty and visitors in the Prince George’s Room of Stamp Student Union about the AMC series and its main character, Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who uses his scientific smarts to make it big in the drug business. “This excerise is not without merit, but it comes across as a bit desperate. Too many times, educators engage in such ‘attention-grabbing’ lectures only to waste valuable time when more important issue can be addressed. Few use any gained momentum to explore less popular topics.” Read the entire article here:

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