UA student opens up about ‘The Machine,’ discusses its role in campus politics

By Alex Smith “I wanted to call this special meeting tonight to inform you all that you are now a part of a select, secret group of senators. Take a look around. Get to know each others’ faces. Don’t tell anyone about 
this meeting.” These were the first words spoken to me in the Kappa Alpha Order basement a week after my election to the SGA senate. As uncomfortable as I felt, I attempted to put on some sort of façade and listen as attentively as I could. I had been told The Machine was great – that it was powerful and could get me places. I had a deep desire to improve this campus and make student lives better, and I truly believed The Machine was the best way to do that. So I ignored the hairs standing straight up on the back of my neck, remained quiet and didn’t ask questions. Read the full article here:

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