The Tip of the Iceberg: Rethinking Life After High School

By Neil Genzlinger “Ivory Tower,” a documentary about soaring costs and other problems confronting higher education, can’t seem to decide what points it wants to make and ends up making none. Parts of it seem like free advertising for the institutions it visits, which include Harvard, Arizona State University and experimental institutions like Deep Springs College. Other parts sound the already familiar lament that students come out of college with crushing debts and no prospects for the kinds of jobs that would enable them to pay off those debts. There are suggestions that colleges do a poor job of actually educating students, and that the cost issue is a result of bloated administrative salaries and a rush to build showpiece campuses. “While the film swung and missed at creating strong questions about how we prepare students, at least it took a swing. Most everyone else seems content to remain quite as generations of students invest their time, money and aspirations in relatively empty educational practices.” Read the full article here:

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