Things to do in college to prepare you for the music industry

By Zack Zarrillo Do you ever sing “school sucks, I know” to the tune of “All The Small Things?” Same. Well, Haulix have published a new Q&A on the topic that often gets raised for students who go to school in search of a music industry major, which is, “what should we be doing before we graduate?” The guy who was egotistical enough to put his name in this website’s URL is currently in school for a music industry degree, so the discussion hits close to home. Check out the full piece here and a snippet below after the jump. 1. Get involved in school programs, and set your eyes on the prize! School programs in college are much different from high school. They allow you to have real freedom of what you want to accomplish without a principal denying you a simple pleasure. They also provide opportunities of learning without a textbook. I’m talking real life opportunities. You will gain contacts, personal skills, and maybe even a bit of knowledge in event planning. Whatever it is, get involved. You will meet many aspiring students like yourself who will be an inspiration to your future aspirations. And don’t forget to set your eyes on the prize! Whether that means to go for the goal and apply for a leadership position, set a goal for how much money you want to raise and surpass it, or attend a conference your program has not yet gone to, it can be accomplished. The only thing stopping you is yourself. Not to mention, being involved in school programs are a much better resume builder than “being a hostess at Red Lobster for three years.” Read the full article here:

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