The UVA Gang Rape Allegations Are Awful, Horrifying, and Not Shocking at All

By Bonnie Gordon Between the time I walked into Old Cabell Hall, which houses the Music Department at the University of Virginia, where I work as a professor, and the time I got to my office Wednesday morning, I heard the word “rape” seven times. Wednesday was the day Rolling Stone published the story of a UVA student who says she was gang-raped in a fraternity. If anyone at the University of Virginia was shocked by this article, then they have not been paying attention. “This piece states that ‘UVA has a rape culture problem’ and it makes a pretty strong case. However, the same case could be made about every, not just any, academic institution. As you read this commentary, a student somewhere is being sexually assaulted on campus. We need to be mindful of this fact, every moment of every day, not just when we read an article about it in Rolling Stone. To make UVA the focal point of this issue is not accurate or helpful.” Read the full article here:

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