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Princeton Film Productions premiere on campus

By Annie Hadley

At Princeton, students do pretty much everything — they write novels, record albums, create viral webpages and more. While some feats can be achieved individually, others require more experience or prohibitively expensive equipment. Filmmaking is one such activity. However, about 100 students have joined forces to expand the presence of film production on campus by forming a new club, Princeton Film Productions, to take advantage of their collective experience and University support.

Princeton Film Productions (PFP) was an idea that was conceived in the last academic year, but was finally brought to life in September of 2013. Through the leadership of copresidents Dalia Katan ’15 and Mary Landon Funk ’15, the group has created two short films over the last semester. The two films, “Ganondorf” and “Child of God,” are currently in the final steps of production. Though the final release dates have yet to be determined, trailers are set to debut in the coming weeks.

“It would be great to see an institution like Princeton leverage its influence and resources to promote their students’ films off campus. A push toward film festivals would be interesting.”

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