Why are t-shirts more valuable than ebooks?

By Beth Bacon My brothers-in-law recently started a T-shirt sales website. Grizz Riley.com sells comfy, cool T-shirts for $25. I fully support their entrepreneurial launch. But I couldn’t help thinking about it in comparison to publishers, selling ebooks for a just couple of bucks. It struck me as odd that our society values ebooks at a fraction of the price of a T-shirt. The company I work for, Booktrope, sells most of its ebooks for $2.99. We’ve just distributed our 2 millionth title, so we have a lot of data to go by, and we’ve found $2.99 to be the sweet spot for ebook pricing. Why so low? The price of an ebook—or any product really—settles out at whatever amount the market can bear. It’s the old law of supply and demand, right? But with that logic, ebooks would be more than five times more plentiful than T-shirts. Neither ebooks nor T-shirts are in short supply. Certainly there are plenty of both. So that doesn’t explain why T-shirts cost so much more than ebooks. Read the entire article here: http://www.digitalbookworld.com/2014/why-are-t-shirts-more-valuable-than-ebooks/

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