Where are the student activists?

By Bennett McIntosh My underpants are showing. I’m lying on the stairs of Frist Campus Center, during Late Meal, in an intentionally public display, and my underpants are showing. And they brought a photographer. My underwear could be on the front page of The Daily Princetonian. I’d joined the Anti-Keystone XL pipeline “die-in” in Frist at the last minute. The email that Princeton United Left distributed to its associated campus groups had billed the protest as “short and sweet and risk-free.” Curious and desperately searching for something worth writing about in my column this week, I put on my black pants and black fleece and rushed over to Frist after organic chemistry precept, so I could finish the protest in time to get Late Meal. “One would think that archaic standardized tests, sky-high student loans and poor job training would be tremendous food for student activists. Is it possible the system has finally created a environment that effectively stifles protests? Does the average student have the will to look beyond their sole survival? We have never needed art more.” Read the entire article here: http://dailyprincetonian.com/opinion/2014/03/where-are-the-student-activists/

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