It Still Makes Sense to Go to College, Fed Study Says

By Mark Peters and Douglas Belkin Who earns more, a recent graduate from a flagship state university with a bachelor’s degree or one who finishes a two-year technical program at a little-known community college? The answer isn’t so clear. As states for the first time mine certain degree data from public colleges, they are finding salaries for holders of associate degrees in a technical field are outstripping many of those with four-year degrees, at least early in a career. “Sorry, but we are calling ‘bullshit’ on this one. Today’s graduating students will, one day, have to compete for positions/job titles that do not exist today and be able to work with technologies that do not exist today. Unless colleges start putting soothsayers on staff, it is impossible to say that their curricula today will yield strong results for their graduates as they age. This study is short-sighted and rife with conflicts of interest.” Read the full article here:

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