Startup FilmBundle Launches, Lets Customers Pay What They Want for Indie Films

Startup FilmBundle launches today, introducing a pay-what-you-want model for the independent film scene. Each bundle is a set of curated independent films that is only available for a two-week flash sale. The twist? Customers decide how much they want to pay and even how to allocate their contribution to the filmmakers, partner charities and FilmBundle itself. “People want great content, and they want to support great content,” says Andrew O’Neal, founder and CEO of FilmBundle. “Many amazing indie films just get lost in the noise after running the festival circuit. FilmBundle reintroduces these fantastic gems to a wider audience at a price they can always afford.” FilmBundle’s first offering, launching today, revolves around the theme of “music” and contains six independent narrative and documentary feature films including festival fan favorites such as Damien Chazelle’s jazz musical, GUY AND MADELINE ON A PARK BENCH, and Henry Phillips and Gregory Viens’ hilarious comedy, PUNCHING THE CLOWN. The bundle also features lesser-known, but equally captivating works such as THE GHOST OF PIRAMIDA, a documentary following Danish indie rock band, Efterklang, and MISFIT HEIGHTS, a genre-bending zombie puppet musical. In this first bundle, customers can choose to donate any part of their contributions to Education Through Music LA and Little Kids Rock, both of which provide music education to underserved schools. “It’s all about building awareness and community for filmmakers and artistic charities. We want to help cultivate the independent artist ecosystem so that more artists can do what they love,” says O’Neal. Read the full article here:

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