Starbucks Announces It Will Give A Free College Education To Thousands Of Workers

By Susan Adams This morning at a company meeting in Manhattan, Starbucks billionaire CEO, Howard Schultz, announced that the company would pay for thousands of workers, including baristas who work just 20 hours a week, to get a bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University’s online program. The initiative, the first of its kind, will allow many of the Seattle-based company’s 135,000 workers to graduate debt-free. Those who already have two years of college credit under their belts, will be entitled to a full tuition reimbursement. Those just starting college will receive subsidies worth an average of $6,500. There will be no requirement that employees who graduate with the program stay on at Starbucks. “We look forward to watching this initiative develop. It would be great to not only see it become successful, but also to see other companies step up in a similar fashion. It is in the best interest of Big Business to invest heavily in higher education. Remember that if you ever become part of Big Business.” Read the full article here:

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