Soft skills open career doors

By Sylvia D. Hepler A few weeks ago a family member went to her long time dentist for a regular six month check up. Upon arrival, she registered at the front desk and took a seat in the waiting room. After just a few minutes a dental assistant called her into the exam room. When the dentist himself entered the room, he didn’t greet her. She said hello, but he merely grunted. Never during the half hour of cleaning and inspecting her teeth did he initiate any friendly conversation. The prolonged silence caused this woman to feel extremely uncomfortable. Puzzled, she wondered what she’d done wrong. At the end of the process she got off the chair, stood up, and said good-by. Avoiding eye contact, he simply nodded. No verbal communication exchange occurred. This story relays the importance of attributes known as soft skills. These skills help people to build and nurture relationships, generate positive energy, and cope with stress. They are a cluster of personal qualities, habits, attitudes, and social competencies that empower you to solve problems, work well in teams, handle criticism and failure, and adapt to change. In short, the soft skills allow you connect with others effectively. Without viable connections you can’t succeed in life. Take a look at the following commonly asked questions about soft skills. Potentially, my responses may save your job, boost your level of influence, or land you the promotion you want. Read the full article here:

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