Social media accounts fair game for college admission officers

By Karen Farkas Many college admissions officers check the social media accounts of applicants, and students say they expect the scrutiny and use those accounts to promote themselves, according to Kaplan Test Prep, a company that provides standardized test preparation products for students. Thirty-five percent of the 400 admissions officers surveyed said they visited an applicant’s social media pages, including Facebook, Kaplan said in its annual report. In 2008, when Kaplan first asked about checking social media, about 10 percent said they checked Facebook pages. Students have become savvy about what is public on social media and strengthen their privacy settings, the company has said. “There’s nothing like a strong social media brand to provide a school official a valid indication that a student is suited for admissions. This practice is lazy, unimaginative and more than a bit creepy. ” Read the full article here:

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