SJP protest sparks social media debate

By Valentina Duque Bojanini NYU SJP created a petition for students to stand in solidarity with its cause. “We are asking you to support our group by signing this petition and show solidarity with the movement for justice, human rights, liberation and self-determination for the Palestinian people,” NYU SJP said in its petition. TorchPAC created its own petition calling for NYU President John Sexton to discipline the students responsible for the distribution of the flyers. “We ask that the University administration take firm action against Students for Justice in Palestine for violating university policy and engaging in hate speech so that we can ensure that our campus remains safe for all students and that no minority group feels unwelcome,” Torch PAC said in its petition “We view SJP’s actions as discrimination against Jews, Jewish Students, and the State of Israel,” Laura Adkins, vice President of TorchPAC, told WSN. “Several students and parents contacted me saying that they felt SJP’s flyer filled with lies and out of context statistics made them a target for increased anti-semitic activity.” Read the full article here:

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