Sabrina Rubin Erdely, woman behind Rolling Stone’s explosive U-Va. alleged rape story

By Paul Farhi Magazine writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely knew she wanted to write about sexual assaults at an elite university. What she didn’t know was which university. So, for six weeks starting in June, Erdely interviewed students from across the country. She talked to people at Harvard, Yale, Princeton and her alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. None of those schools felt quite right. But one did: the University of Virginia, a public school, Southern and genteel, brimming with what Erdely calls “super-smart kids” and steeped in the legacy of its founder, Thomas Jefferson. What Erdely eventually found in Charlottesville shocked her, and it eventually shocked the nation. “The further we read this piece, the more suspicious we are of Erdely. She seems like a woman on a mission, rather than a woman trying to expose a truth; a very dangerous approach for a journalist. Hate to say it, but our ‘bullshit’ needle is firmly in the red. We will keep tapping on the window, hoping it is just got stuck for a moment from another story. Fingers crossed that it will pop back into the green and we can focus on the real problem at hand; sexual assault on campus.” Read the full article here:

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