The Row Over Who Owns The Monkey Selfie Is Highlighting Big Problems With International Copyright

By Andrew Charlesworth Whilst visiting a national park in North Sulawesi wildlife photographer David Slater had his camera stolen – not by a thief, but by an inquisitive crested black macaque. The resulting selfies are causing controversy and raising questions about the ownership of images on the web. So just who does own the copyright when a monkey gets trigger-happy on your device? Slater was photographing the endangered monkeys when he left his camera unattended. One of the monkeys began playing with the camera and, fascinated by its reflection and the noise produced when it accidentally took a photo, it snapped hundreds of images of itself. Most were blurred and out of focus, but several of the photos produced unique up-close and personal self-portraits of the rare creature. “If a primate is the closest animal to humans in terms of genetics, then why is it not the animal with the rights closest to ours as well? Call us crazy, but we say the photo belongs to the monkey.” Read the full article here:

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