Rolling Stone to Retract Botched Rape Story as Damning Review Is Released

By Jordan Chariton The author of Rolling Stone’s discredited “A Rape on Campus” story, Sabrina Rubin Erderly, will apologize Sunday in conjunction with the release of the Columbia Journalism School’s external review of the erroneous story, according to media reports. Rolling Stone will also pull the story from its site and put Columbia’s review in its place, Brian Stelter reported Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” The decision to take the story down is a fairly unprecedented step in the digital media era. “This is a prime example of a journalist on a mission for a cause, not on a mission to be a good journalist. Erdely has undoubtedly set back the cause to eradicate sexual assaults on campus as similar reports in the future will be viewed with a skeptical eye rather than with vigilance to correct a real problem. Also, publications like Rolling Stone will be much more leery to move forward with similar stories that could make them look foolish and unprofessional. This is a prime example of when we wished we were very wrong with our initial impressions. ” Read the full article here:

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