Rock Against Rape concert educates through music

In an ongoing effort to raise awareness about sexual assault on campus, the office of Student Activities and Leadership hosted its second Rock Against Rape concert Oct. 8 at the Quincy Wong Center in the 623 S. Wabash Ave. Building. More than 180 people filled the venue for the concert where four student acts performed, including Friday Pilot’s Club; two solo student performers, Rebecca Brunner and J. Harmony; and XCEND, the college’s show choir. The theme of the event was “Stand Up. Speak Out.” It promotes making sexual assault part of everyday conversation to help raise awareness and combat the issue, said Rachel Anderson, coordinator of Student Activities and Leadership. “This event has its heart in the right place, but what real impacts will it make? Like every other academic institution, Columbia should create more mandatory programs and services to educate each and every member of its student body, administration and staff about the behaviors and consequences of sexual assault. Anything less intensive in nature reveals an institution’s impotency, or its immorality, relative to the health of its community.” Read the full article here:

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