Research Confirms: Music Builds Business

Can you imagine a pub without music? Or a silent clothing store? Or a restaurant without musical ambience? Neither can Canadian businesses that, according to new research1 conducted by Leger on behalf of SOCAN – the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada – confirms music is increasingly important to their success. Among other findings, the research shows that music improves their customers’ experience, and that most will never stop playing music. Results of the Music In Business research study confirm the importance of music to business owners has increased in the last two years, and most businesses believe that the music they play gives them an advantage over the competition. In fact, one-third of business owners ranked music as the most important aspect of their establishment’s ambiance, ahead of both décor and scent. “Music is essential to many business owners, and using it in the workplace can create a unique and inviting atmosphere, influence customer behavior, increase employee morale and, quite simply, make more money for businesses,” said Jennifer Brown, vice president, Licensing at SOCAN. “Working with SOCAN gives a business a license to play virtually any music it desires – SOCAN is an important partner on the business team.” Read the full article here:

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