Quality public education a critical national challenge

By Melvin Miller Athletes in the Olympics have the benefit of knowing quite a bit about their competitors and the looming contest. That is not the situation in the work-a-day world. People usually have to perform against faceless standards of excellence. When students are in school they are usually even unaware of their ultimate goal except that they understand the value of achieving high grades in their courses. Just about everyone would like to attain the American Dream — substantial income, social status, and perhaps even wealth. With the technology based global economy changing so quickly, it is difficult to know precisely what is the best path to success. It is universally acknowledged, however, that a solid education is essential. And that means post graduate study in college or technology training. “We need less discussion about the problems within public education and more journalistic energy highlighting attempts to create practical solutions.” Read the full article here: http://baystatebanner.com/news/2014/feb/19/quality-public-education-critical-national-challen/

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