How professional are today’s college students?

By Scott LaMar College students more entitled, but are they more professional? And what do they feel entitled to? A survey of more than 400 college and university career development professionals conducted by York College’s Center for Professional Excellence (CPE) shows students have a sense of entitlement or at least more than students entering the workforce five years ago. Meanwhile the study also finds that these same students are exhibiting more professionalism as they transition from college to careers. Of the institutions studied, two-thirds have increased their focus on professionalism. Students are encouraged to visit their school’s career office to develop “work ready” skills such as communication, being prepared, and dressing properly but also are taught interview skills, arriving on time, and dining etiquette. Ultimately, the survey finds students are most accountable for their level of professionalism followed by the colleges’ career development programs, faculty and parents. Read the full article here:

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