New dorms: Florida universities building plusher digs to lure students

By Anastasia Dawson There are rusty sinks and tiny communal showers. The rooms always seem too hot or too cold. The carpets have mysterious stains, and the tiny windows do little to mitigate the harsh fluorescent lighting. But for freshmen Anastasia Akimova,18, and Yu Maeda, 20, along with some 1,000 other students at the University of South Florida, the Andros dorms are home — at least for the semester. “They’re really old. Not that nice,” Maeda said. The dorms, in fact, have seen only a few superficial renovations since they were built in 1964. “I’m kind of afraid there are ghosts,” Akimova said with a laugh, but she was only partly kidding. – See more at: Read the full article here:

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