Mysterious shoes pop up around WWU campus

By Chelsea Murphy A tattered, wedge-heeled shoe sits on a windowsill inside the third-floor stairwell of Academic West, waiting for curious onlookers to question its purpose. Sunlight pours in from outside, illuminating words whimsically painted along the sole, heel and straps. In purple paint, popping against the seafoam green sole, a message reads, “I am silenced here.” Along the curve of the straw-weaved heel in that same purple paint are the words, “I walk tall.” And wrapping from the side of the shoe to the front of the toe, the shoe speaks the message, “I am proud of my journey.” “Too bad the project became public. Was that intentional on the part of the artist? We typically find the context of mystery builds audience anticipation and heightens their level of interest.” Read the entire article here:

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