MIT welcomes admitted students to campus with larger-than-life Tetris game

By Lauren Landry Incoming freshmen visiting MIT were treated to a larger-than-life game of Tetris Saturday night. As part of Campus Preview Weekend, students revived the “holy grail of hacks,” turning one side of the Institute’s 21-story Green Building into a giant, multi-color Tetris game. Since making its 2012 debut, the Tetris hack has become an annual tradition. After all, what warmer way to welcome future students in than by allowing them to partake in the first hack of many they will undoubtedly see over the course of the next four years? Campus Preview Weekend is sponsored by MIT Admissions — which didn’t fall into every hopeful high schooler’s good graces this year. The four-day event is designed to give admitted students “a taste of life at MIT.” Incoming freshmen can attend classes or participate in several of the nearly 500 on-campus student activities. And given the school had to create an informal code of ethics to ensure pranks “provide joy or amusement” to individuals on the receiving end, it’s evident “hacks” are one of those student activities. Read the full article here:

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