Maine School of Communications raises profile in recording artistry

By Bob Keyes One of the challenges for an orchestra of any size in any city is finding a place to make high-quality recordings. In the past two years, the Bangor Symphony Orchestra participated in two recording projects, and didn’t have to leave town for either one. “The largest hurdle most orchestras face wasn’t a hurdle at all, thanks to this place,” said Brian Hinrichs, the orchestra’s executive director. Hinrichs spoke in whispers from deep within a maze of sound studios and video suites at the New England School of Communications at Husson University. He was observing a recording session by the a cappella group Anonymous 4 and Grammy Award-winning composer Christopher Tin. The four women of Anonymous 4 came to Bangor in January to premiere a work by Tin with the orchestra. Tin and the singers spent an afternoon at NESCom recording their parts for a CD that Tin will release later this year featuring the Royal Philharmonic of London. “Good to see more efforts to record properly orchestral music. Film students should take advantage of any orchestra groups on campus.” Read the full article here:

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