LA Film School Unveils Latest Online Degree Programs In Digital Filmmaking and Entertainment Business

The Los Angeles Film School, a creative arts college that offers students an immersive experience, world-class facilities and a supportive culture in preparation for a career in the entertainment industry, introduces two new career-focused online Bachelor of Science degree programs in Digital Filmmaking and Entertainment Business. Each program offers courses that are delivered over The Los Angeles Film School’s unique Learning Management System (LMS) – a secure web-based platform that employs modern multimedia technologies and is accessible 24 hours a day via the Internet. Online students use this system to view video content, receive and submit project work and assignments, take tests and quizzes, communicate with instructors and classmates, and review grades and course progress. “Our online learning environment utilizes the combination of interactive and web-based media to create a variety of instructional materials in support of dynamic, self-directed, and collaborative learning activities,” said Diana Derycz-Kessler, President and CEO of The Los Angeles Film School. “Curriculum activities provide students with a more diverse range of learning options and promote more meaningful collaboration between students and instructors.” The Digital Filmmaking Bachelor’s of Science online degree program utilizes the latest tools available to media developers. Throughout the program the courses instill a comprehensive understanding of digital content creation and storytelling, with a curriculum that strikes a balance between traditional film foundations and the latest production and postproduction techniques. Students learn how to create professional content for broadcast television, online media, mobile applications, and independent films, while mastering essential visual communication and video production methods for digital photography, HD video production, lighting, audio mixing, and nonlinear editing. The Entertainment Business Bachelor’s of Science online degree program, much like its on-campus equivalent, prepares students for careers focused on the business of entertainment, with core training in management, leadership, marketing, accounting, finance, intellectual property, digital distribution, and more. The program emphasizes ethics and corporate social responsibility, as well as the communication skills necessary for a successful career. Students also gain knowledge in areas such as licensing, digital distribution and intellectual property. Read the full article here:

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