More Than Half of SAT Test-Takers Unprepared for College

By Allie Bidwell The number of students taking the SAT climbs year after year, but no more students are ready to take college-level courses, according to data released by the College Board Tuesday. Overall, the number of students taking the college entrance exam increased by more than 7 percent in one year – to 1.67 million students in 2014. More minority and low-income students are also participating, the College Board said. Of the 2014 test takers, nearly half (47.5 percent) were minority students and nearly one-quarter (23.6 percent) took the exam using a fee waiver, which is an indication of financial need. Still, the percent of test-takers who meet the College Board’s college and career readiness benchmark has remained essentially unchanged since at least 2009, at roughly 43 percent. “Why do we trust the College Board anymore when it comes to anything relating to preparing students for college? Your Grandmother who reads tea leaves is probably more accurate than any report produced by the College Board.” Read the full article here:

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