Guided by Voices’ Robert Pollard to Show Collages at Modified Arts in Phoenix

By Mark Deming There are few people in popular music today as prolific as Robert Pollard. Pollard is best known as the leader of the influential indie rock band Guided by Voices, lo-fi legends whose albums are densely packed with pocket-sized exercises in hooky rock magic, and he’s also released a steady stream of solo recordings and offshoot projects such as the Boston Spaceships, the Circus Devils, Lifeguards, and the Keene Brothers. The fact that Pollard has released 25 solo albums between 1996 and 2013 says a lot; that Guided by Voices has put out three box sets of unreleased material with 100 songs each says even more. You’d think that Pollard would be creatively spent with that sort of musical output, but you’d be wrong. Pollard also creates the cover artwork for most of his albums, collages that use found elements to create images every bit as striking as his music. The psychedelic drum on the cover of Alien Lanes, the trains snaking out of a gentleman’s mouth on Standard Gargoyle Decisions, or the detourned Native American images of Under the Bushes, Under the Stars reveal that Pollard’s visual ideas are as canny as his musical instincts. “This is a very interesting interview about art and music coming together. If you have a chance to attend the showing, do yourself a favor. Arrive early and stay late. On a side note, Robert Pollard is the best rock songwriter of all time. If you try to argue with us on the point, we will embarrass you. Just take it as fact and move on.” Read the full article here:

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