‘Frank’ Is the Absurdist Comedy the Absurd Music Industry Deserves

By Jillian Mapes There’s a point towards the end of Frank where Jon, the fame-chasing albeit talentless bandmate of the excellent new film’s titular character, asks Frank’s parents, “What happened to him? Something must have happened to him to make him like that.” What he’s referring to is the thing that everyone who knows anything about this movie knows: Frank, played by Michael Fassbender, wears a creepy (and sometimes creepily emotive) paper maché head at all times. Even in the shower, which we see in one of the film’s most absurd flashes. Frank’s father replies, “Nothing happened to him. He’s got a mental illness.” “Awesome movie, but why do we feel like Van Halen after watching Spinal Tap?” Read the full article here: http://flavorwire.com/472530/frank-is-the-absurdist-comedy-the-absurd-music-industry-deserves

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