Film showcase to highlight student-created video productions

A featured video in the upcoming San Jacinto College Film Showcase will be “Survalant,” a video written by San Jacinto College video production students Ramon Cordova and Adan Beltran. The showcase will take place on Sunday, May 11, and Monday, May 12 at 7:30 p.m. (both nights) at Slocomb Auditorium, located on the Central Campus at 8060 Spencer Hwy. in Pasadena. Admission is $10 per person, at the door, and includes all films in the event. In addition to “Survalant,” which is 20 minutes in length, several other student-produced videos will be presented at the showcase, which will last about 90 minutes. The showcase will also include productions of the College’s 52-hour video contest, which was held in February and was open to community film artists, as well as college and high school students. The student-produced “Survalant” (rated PG-13 for language and violence) is a science-fiction video about aliens abducting humans and experimenting on them in an effort to understand the mind of man. The roles of David, Joe, and Olivia are played by San Jacinto College theatre students Marco De’Anda, Jaylon Scott, and Jessica Alvarado (respectively). The experimental subject of the aliens is David, a psychopath who gets his kicks from murdering beautiful young women. Joe, the alien researcher in charge of David’s case, undertakes an experiment to replace David’s psychopathic tendencies and desires of murder with those of love and care for Olivia. Will Joe’s radical untested experiment succeed and allow the aliens to raise a colony of humans? Read the full article here:

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