The Feminist Museum brings feminism to life on UO campus

By Kaylee Tornay Art comes in all forms to the University of Oregon, but few exhibits have as direct of a mission statement as the Object/Subject exhibition currently being put on by the Feminist Museum. Now, there are few things I enjoy more frequently than lively discussions about feminism with intelligent people, but encountering discourse of this kind through art was a particularly revelatory experience. This exhibit features pieces from local artists, including those from members of the Feminist Museum. This is the first exhibit organized by the group. Any on-campus feminists who hadn’t yet heard of the Feminist Museum need not berate themselves quite yet. The group is still in its somewhat developmental stages, consisting of five female graduate students in the University of Oregon Arts & Administration program. Throughout their undergraduate and graduate studies, Britt Bowen, Mattie Reynolds, Stephanie Johnson, Cat Bradley and Sarah Turner noticed the severe lack of female representation in art galleries across America. Their collaborative goal within the Feminist Museum is to promote discussion regarding the underrepresentation of females in art galleries and museums, as well as to celebrate feminist art. “Unfortunately, the underrepresentation of females is not just limited to art. Anyone groaning right now is obviously not being honest with themselves, but, even worse, make it more difficult for the rest of us to bring about meaningful change.” Read the entire article here:

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