Emerson tradition to feature campus-wide talents

By Katie Nelson

What was once a creative All-Hall idea has blossomed into a campus-wide event in Biola’s most testosterone-charged residence hall.

The Emerson Film Festival is expanding the annual dorm-only competition to now include any aspiring Biola filmmakers, according to Emerson Hall resident adviser Trevor Glenn. Students will create short films to be screened at a premiere party this Thursday at 8:30 p.m.


The only stipulations on the films are that each has to be shorter than eight minutes and must include at least a passing reference to Emerson, Glenn said. Each film submission will be pre-screened by the RAs to check for inappropriate content, and the best six or seven will be chosen, depending on length.

“In the past, it’s been people from Emerson making films … and then everyone gets together and watches [them],” Glenn said. “Emerson just has to be represented [in the film].”

The event will kick off with a red carpet walk, snacks, desserts and a photo booth at 8:30 p.m. At 9 p.m., the first movie will be projected outside between Emerson and Horton Hall. Event organizers are hoping the end of the parking garage construction will allow the street to be roped off for the screening.


Each film will be evaluated and rated by a panel of four judges. The judges consist of math professor Matthew Weathers, Alpha Hall East resident director Tiffany Tomlinson, associate dean of students Matt Hooper and Chad Miller, director of spiritual formation and soul care.

Miller lived in Emerson for two years and was an RA for one of them.

“In five years, [students are] not going to remember that that was a dorm, which is terrible for me,” he said. “It makes me sad. Anything we can do to preserve its goodness is good.”

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