Don’t Email Me

By Carl Straumsheim A Salem College faculty member last semester took an uncompromising approach to curbing syllabus and inbox bloat: Why not ban most student emails? “For years, student emails have been an assault on professors, sometimes with inappropriate informality, sometimes just simply not understanding that professors should not have to respond immediately,” Spring-Serenity Duvall, assistant professor of communications at Salem College, wrote in a blog post last week. “In a fit of self-preservation, I decided: no more. This is where I make my stand!” “This professor has a point. Students too often hide behind technology simply because they can. It’s best to use your academic career to hone your professional skills and one-on-one meetings with professors should be something every student seeks. Trust us, your boss will have no problem dealing with issues face to face. You might as well get used to it when only a grade is in question and not your job.” Read the full article here:

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